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Diverse businesses need different systems to complement their unique corporate cultures. To remain competitive, get in touch with our team.


"If there is a time for Africa to accelerate beyond the Silicon Valley idea, it is now. DACE is set up to unite and advance Africa, a platform where all of us will collaborate and create a better future for our continent" - Solly Khoza.


The importance of DACE cannot be over emphasized. Technological innovation, which is critical to the sustainability and advancement of mankind, is at the core. And job creation is a top indicator of economic well-being and poverty eradication in a continent - part of our main goal.


DACE is a next generation technology factory. An innovation hub. A centre that combines local, continental and global best practice in ICT development and solutions.


DACE provides an end to end solution to communities, government institutions, and the private sector.


For Africa. Lead by Africans.